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What are the different types of family law?

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What are the types of family law you may ask? Well, family law encompasses several areas that relate to different types of family relationships such as marriage, divorce, or interpersonal, immediate family relationships. If you require family law advice, it can be a particularly stressful and emotional time for all those involved. Hiring a lawyer to assist you with family law will allow you to understand your legal rights and responsibilities as well as help provide a clear path to the outcome you desire.

While the term family law is all encompassing, it can include divorce, separation, child custody, child support, property, guardianship, tentative settlement agreements, court procedures, interpersonal family fighting among many other issues.

Cowley & Company prides itself in its exceptional ability to guide, mediate and litigate all family law matters. Our lawyers our extremely experienced and treat all family law cases with the utmost importance and sensitivity. We understand that family issues can be difficult and emotionally draining. We will respect you and your case while helping you reach an amicable resolution that satisfies your needs.

If you are facing family issues and think you may need a lawyer to help with family law, contact Cowley & Company to learn about your rights and responsibilities!

We do not discriminate on gender, sexual orientation or economic factors that could pertain to family law situations.