Immigration Applications

We can help with your immigration application and guide you along the process. Whether you are a skilled worker, have a family sponsor or have another reason for immigrating to Canada, we can help. Having assistance during this process makes it easier to understand and smoother to navigate.

Student Visa Applications

Need help on your student visa? We have the experience and know-how to help guide you through these procedures.

Refugee Applications

The Canadian refugee system has two main parts:

  • the Refugee and Humanitarian Resettlement Program, for people who need protection from outside Canada and
  • the In-Canada Asylum Program for people making refugee protection claims from within Canada

Our team of experienced lawyers are able to provide insight into both of these systems as well as provide immediate assistance to those in need.

Work Permits

Struggling to work in Canada? We can review your case and help you receive the appropriate work permits that will enable to you to become employed within British Columbia and Canada. 


Has one or more of your applications been denied? We’re able to review your information and applications to help determine what avenues for appeal are available.


For more information on Immigration, please give us a call at 604 583 3000 to book a consultation.