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Was there no will in place (and people are fighting)?

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Unfortunately, when people pass, a lot of them have not prepared a will in advance. This results in their family members having to handle their estate and everything that goes with it.

Many issues can arise as a result of a person having no will. If a person unfortunately passes without a will, the estate could be contested and wind up in the courts for a long period of time, family may start fighting over their loved ones assets or their final perceived wishes as well as many other unexpected issues that may come about. By being prepared, these issues can be avoided, allowing everyone to grieve and move forward without worry.

If you are experiencing issues after the passing of a close loved one with no will, we may be able to help. We are sensitive to the issues surrounding wills and estates, and work to provide amicable solutions for our clients. We are able to review the details of the situation and provide an analysis of your options should there not be a will in place.

If you want to prevent a potential situation and you do not have a will, we’re happy to help prepare one with you. Having a will leaves you, your estate, and your loved ones well positioned to avoid any potential issues and lets your family focus on the issue at hand. We at Cowley & Company can work with you to make a will that suits your needs, respects your wishes and is legally recognised under the eyes of the law.