Maximizing your ICBC Claim

In order to maximize your ICBC settlement offer, it is important that you keep in mind and adhere to these guidelines. Following these simple “golden rules” will ensure an easier route for you, your lawyer and your claim.

  1. See a medical doctor regularly, and tell him or her everything.
  2. See a chiropractor and/or physiotherapist. A massage therapist is a good idea too!
  3. Six months after your motor vehicle accident, switch to an active rehabilitation program.
  4. Don’t quit treatment because of lack of funding. We can help!
  5. Follow your doctor’s recommendations faithfully and promptly.
  6. If you cannot work safely, don’t work. If you can work safely, don’t stay home.
  7. Identify two witnesses early on and give their names to your lawyer.
  8. Shut down your social network sites.
  9. Keep your Pain Journal up to date and send monthly updates to your lawyer.
  10. Be honest and tell your lawyer everything that may affect your claim.