The ICBC Process

Dealing with ICBC can be a long and tedious process. We are here to make it easier for you, but, you should know about each step and be actively involved from the start.


Stage 1:

Starting from the moment the accident has happened, get 2 witnesses immediately if possible. The more people you have that can back up your claim, the better. Once you have arranged witnesses, exchange information with the other party (driver, cyclist or pedestrian) involved.

Be detailed – the more information the better. Create a diagram of the accident, from your point of view. Also note your relative location and any significant landmarks. Once the information as been collected, you are free to leave depending on the severity of your accident.

Within the following hours after the accident, notify ICBC to start the claims process.

As soon as possible, or within a reasonable time frame after the accident, go see your family doctor. Tell them the details of the accident, and how you are feeling. Be descriptive and precise as possible. Your doctor will be an important component in maximizing your ICBC accident or injury claim. They will monitor and provide reports stating your injuries and recovery. Physiotherapy, Massage Therapy and Chiropractors may also aide in your recovery based on your doctors discretion.

Stage 2:

Once you have seen your doctor and started a claim with ICBC, you’ll need to know about the deadlines, necessary information, as well as the do’s and don’ts. From the date you file a claim, you have 2 years to make a formal filing for a lawsuit, also known as the “limitation period”.

Come see us for a free consultation that will provide you with the necessary steps you must take and any relevant information to your claim. From this point you can either move forward with your claim by hiring a lawyer, or deliberating on your own.

We will ensure as a client of ours, you will meet all the deadlines, not have to face the “grunge” work, or deal with ICBC. Working with you, our experienced team of lawyers will diligently work towards achieving the highest settlement available for your claim.

Stage 3:

Many cases settle out of court, making trial a rare ordeal. In the case that your claim reaches the point where no settlement can be found, trial may be necessary. Don’t let this scare you. We will help coach and guide you through this process to make it as seamless as possible.

ICBC Insurance Adjusters are trained to keep ICBC a profitable company, and offer the lowest settlements possible. While this is good for them, it is not necessarily good for you. They will hire experts to determine fault, causation and monetary loss that could affect your claim. If necessary we will complete the same process which will back up your claim giving it credibility.

Before going to trial, Examination for Discovery will be necessary. This is a part of the legal process wherein both parties (ICBC and you – with a lawyer) attend a scheduled meeting where questions can be asked about your claim. This will allow both parties to disclose and understand all current available information. ICBC is not allowed to ask you any questions that can be deemed improper. We will be there for you to ensure that this does not happen.

Lastly, your claim will go before a judge and possibly a jury, in trial. This is where your case will be presented, all information along with witness and expert testimonial will be discussed. The judge or jury will then make the final decision and ruling on your case.