(Disability Claims / CPP Appeals / EI Appeals)

If you are disabled from working and are on either short-term or long-term disability coverage, whether it’s through EI, CPP or your employer-sponsored plan, you have probably come to know that there is one thing you can count on from your disability claims adjuster: a big, frustrating hassle.

Disability providers are notorious for:

– denying coverage outright, leaving their claimants with no source of income;
– suddenly cutting off benefits after covering claimants for a period of time;
– harassing claimants and making them jump through hoops just to get the basic coverage granted under the insurance plan;
– causing undue stress by putting claimants under constant surveillance;
– minimizing emotional and psychological disabilities as opposed to physical disabilities;
– having their board of doctors deny a claim based on written medical records alone and without actually examining the claimant.

The goal of a disability provider is to payout as little as possible. If they can get you to “give up and go away”, they have done their job well. They know that the more times they deny your claim and the more difficult, frustrating and stressful they make the process for you, the more likely you are to throw your hands in the air and walk away from your claim.

Do not give away your rights by giving up your fight. There is help available.

Cowley & Company handles disability claims on a contingency fee basis. This means that our fee is a percentage of the compensation we recover for you and there is no money payable up front.