General Disputes and Mediation

If there is one thing in this world that is absolutely and always true, it is that people don’t always see eye to eye. Even normally good neighbours may argue over a property line or a tree hanging over the adjacent property.  Friends may argue over the re-payment of a loan. Relatives may get in a heated argument as to the disposition of a will.

When people attempt to settle such disputes themselves, the result is too often long term resentment and the breakdown of what had been very cordial and mutually rewarding relationships.

A legally trained “ middle person” is often what is needed to bridge the gap between the disputing parties. Alternatively, each side may need independent legal representation with the two lawyers working toward a mutually satisfactory settlement of the dispute that preserves the relationship between the parties.

At Cowley & Company, we have several lawyers with extensive mediation and litigation backgrounds who can provide the services required to bring a satisfactory end to such disputes.


Small claims disputes, also known as general disputes or civil litigation, involve a wide variety of issues between private individuals and/or organizations. Our lawyers have handled many different types of general disputes over the years helping a wide array of clients from many different walks of life. Every case is different and we’re here to work effectively and resolve every case with high satisfaction.

Some examples of general disputes are:

  • Buying and selling goods & services: issues related to the purchase and sale of goods and services, including disputes over payment, quality, and damage.
  • Loans & debts: issues related to borrowing and lending money where the lender is in the business of money or extending credit. Examples include credit card debts, overdue loans, and overdraft bank or credit card accounts.
  • Construction and renovations: issues related to the construction, improvement or renovation of a building.
  • Employment: issues related to ordinary employment disputes. But this doesn’t include union disputes or contractors.
  • Insurance disputes: issues involving insurance. This can include people providing insurance, people who have or want it, and others, including brokers.
  • Personal injury, including motor vehicle injuries and accidents: issues related to injuries and accidents, including injuries that resulted from motor vehicle accidents and ICBC disputes.
  • Property: issues related to personal property (like personal belongings), real property (land) and intangibles (including intellectual property, artistic properties, stocks, bonds or other securities, contracts, lease agreements and virtual property).
  • Strata: issues between strata owners, tenants, occupants, and strata corporations. For example, disputes about strata fees, fines, neighbours, bylaws and rules, nuisance, common property, or how the strata council conducts meetings, hearings and other strata business.

There are many types of disputes and it’s often not the case of one size fits all. We will work with the particulars of your case and break down the process for you. Our experienced lawyers will be there for every step of the dispute resolution process.

If you have a general dispute inquiry please do not hesitate to contact one of our lawyers at Cowley & Company for a consultation.