Desiree Lee

Desiree Lee


After having completed her articles with Cowley & Company, Desiree is excited to return as an associate and continue building her career with the firm.

Desiree began her post-secondary journey by earning a Bachelor of Business Administration from Simon Fraser University. During her time at SFU, she proudly represented the University’s tennis team at Canadian National University Championship tournaments and USTA tournaments.

She then went on to pursue her Juris Doctor degree at the University of Windsor, during which she won an award for legal writing. In her third year, she clerked at the Ontario Court of Justice in the Provincial Criminal Court, which was an invaluable experience that taught her about the internal procedures of the justice system and the considerations in reaching a just judgement.

Desiree spent her spare time volunteering at the University’s Legal Aid clinic, as well as the Law, Technology, and Entrepreneurship Clinic (LTEC). LTEC provided her with an opportunity to assist local entrepreneurs with their legal problems concerning intellectual property and business matters, and the Legal Aid Clinic provided Desiree with an opportunity to utilize her litigation skills to advocate for vulnerable or low income individuals in the community. Desiree also enjoyed volunteering at the University’s Radio station where she produced short stories on current community events. She also enjoyed being a part of the Odette School of Business’ Toastmaster Club and performing at open mics with her band, Beard On Beard Off. Desiree’s passion for tennis continued on into law school, where she served as President of the Windsor Law Tennis Club.

While Desiree enjoyed her time in Windsor, she is happy to be back home in British Columbia. Desiree is passionate about her community and is committed to applying her legal skills to empower people who need assistance. Persistently curious, Desiree often finds solutions where others do not. Whether she is dealing with a battle on the tennis court or in a court of law, Desiree will work tenaciously to achieve the best possible result .

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