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What Do You Do if Your Marriage Has Fallen Apart?

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What Do You Do if Your Marriage Has Fallen Apart?

Relationships are difficult. Everybody knows that. Over the course of many years, as human beings, we change and we grow.  None of us are the same person at the age of 45 than we were at the age of 25.  When we change and grow in different directions than our life partner, sometimes we end up with a situation that simply doesn’t work for everybody.  When that happens, it may be time to pick up the pieces and move on.  Life is too short. The transition is almost always painful, especially when children are involved, but in the end, in most cases, everybody ends up happier.

If you find yourself in this situation, the first common sense step in the process is counseling.  You skip this step at your own peril.  When you are in the middle of a marital discord situation, you often feel powerless and have no idea of what direction in which to move and no concept of what resources may be available to assist you. A skilled counsellor can help you to normalize the situation and to energize you to take the actions that are necessary to get your life back to some sort of balance.

The second step, in conjunction with the first step is to seek out a lawyer who you can trust to give you sound legal advice. When you are caught up in a tangle of conflicted emotions, it is easy to make poor financial decisions that could significantly compromise your future and that of your children. People in these situations have been known to literally sign away all of their rights just to avoid dealing with a once loving partner who has suddenly become hostile, vindictive and demanding. You need to retain a lawyer, whose job it is to protect your interests, and who can deal with your former spouse or his/her lawyer in a businesslike, fair and emotionless manner.

You may be in a situation where you believe that you cannot afford the services of a lawyer and feel compelled to do everything on your own.  That is almost always a mistake.

If you believe that you are in such a situation, it is wise to at least make an appointment for a consultation with a lawyer.  Such meetings are brief and inexpensive.  You can have the opportunity to tell the lawyer the details of your situation.  The lawyer will provide you with a series of options. In terms of money, it is very rare when something cannot be worked out. There are many different ways in which payment for the lawyer’s services can be made easy and affordable.

At Cowley & Company, the following lawyers offer family law services:

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We work with an excellent clinical counselor, Dr. Lana Rados.