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ICBC Dream Team

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It is no secret that many medical specialists hire out their services to ICBC in addition to whatever work they may bring in privately or through MSP. The vast majority of these heavy hitters work exclusively for ICBC when it comes to examining car accident patients.

These “ICBC doctors” don’t have business cards advertising the nature of their moonlighting. So just who are these ICBC physician workhorses and how much do they earn from their ICBC work ?

As a public service, yours truly presents the top 8 ICBC doctors and their 2012 billings to ICBC. Remember that this is a very part time job.
1. Stanley Semrou – $519,000
2. Stephen Maloon – $422,000
3. O.M. Sovio – $350,000
4. Martin Grympa – $340,000
5. Ken Favero – $320,000
6. Ian Dommisse – $305,000
7. H.E. Hawk – $229,000
8. Paul Bishop – $200,000

…for real. That’s how much they make on top of their annual doctor’s salary in the field.